Inventory Stock Management System Software

Inventory Stock Management System Software

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Inventory Stock Management System

If you run your supply chain business and looking to automate your business with inventory management software then this is the best place to get your inventory software we provide you with the best inventory management software.We built customized inventory software’s according to your need we design sock management software and i.t Management software to boast up your business to higher levels.

Inventory Stock Management System Software Features

Stock management

Keep the record of the stock and update the stock timely.

Purchase management

Keep record of the purchase and shape them into statistical chart form

Supplier Management

Manage the record of supplies and note the fluctuation in demand of supplies and notify authorities when supply is short.

Sale management

Record of the sales and make tables of the sales for each day month or year.and can represent them in a graphical form.

Client management

Register client and record data and manage statistical record of their purchases and keep updating there status.

Expense management

Keep the record of the expenses of the company and keep a graphical comparison between expenses and profit of the company.

Staff Management

Register staff and keep record of their attendance and salary, Generate their allowances on the basis of their designation and keep record of their check-in and check-out time daily.

Supplier’s Due management

Keep record of the payment which is due on retailer to supplier.

Client’s due management

Keep record of the client's cash due.


Generate sales, supplies and expenses record in a print able form, also generate pay-check of employees.

Capital Management

Maintain the record of the amount of capital indulge din the buisness and genrate capital to profit ratio report.

Loan Management

Keep record of the employees and companies which have some due lone on them and keep notifying them about the due return time and return policies and profit ratio on loan.

Cash In Bank Management

Keep record of company bank accounts and transaction happening on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Profit / Loss Measurement

Generate reports of profit and loss amounts in a categorized manner. And notify authorities about the current status of funds and amounts.

Currency Settings

Update user with current value and status of the currency and convert foreign currency transaction into local currency amount.