University Management System Software

The University Management System Software offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline administrative tasks and enhance efficiency within a university. It includes modules for Attendance Management, Library Management, ID Card Generation, Payments, Course Allocation, Facility Management, Exam Record keeping, Timetable Scheduling, Notification Alerts, Result Generation, Monthly Expenses management, and Degree Generation. These features enable functions such as tracking attendance, managing library resources, generating ID cards, processing payments, allocating courses, managing facilities, recording exam data, creating timetables, sending notifications, generating student results, tracking expenses, and issuing degrees. By automating and simplifying these processes, the software significantly improves the management and operation of the university, providing a more streamlined and effective system for administrators, faculty, and students.

Attendance Management

Option for taking attendance for staff who got allocated to class Detailed report of attendance in calendar with no. of classes held for that day On click of the subject, detailed list of topics covered with the staff information Detailed report of class and individual with percentage calculation

Library Management System

Master record (Book) creation with types Issuable/Reference/Staff Generate any no. of series records for selected master record Book/Asset Issue and receipts Management Librarian and Asst. librarian type of users Dynamic settings for limiting the book issues for Staff and Student

ID Card Generation

• Option for generating ID cards for students class wise or for individual student Fully customized settings for selection of fields to be printed on ID card Two templates are given Printer settings and page settings

Payments Module

Online and Offline payments Admin can Approve or Reject the offline payment by viewing the details Enable or disable Offline payments from Settings module Enable or disable any payment gateway on requirement Detailed graphical reports for online and offline payments Generate excel report with all combinations available in payments module

Course Allocation

Course allocation to student on the basis of their semester or result of previous semester.

Exam Record

Keeps the data of the exam record and print results and keep them in a printable form.

Facility Management

Generate i.d card of the faculty members and keep there Attendance and check-in check out time on record Generate employee salary check and calculate allowances issued to the employee.

Timetable Scheduling

Helps the faculty to build up daily, monthly and yearly schedule for all the activities to occur in the particular spam of time.

Notification Alert

Keep notifying the related departments or personal about notification which are related to it so student would be aware of the examination and due date of fee submission.

Result Generation.

The system generate result of students it evaluates GPA, CGPA & % on the basis of marks of the student different subjects

Monthly Expenses

Keep record of the Monthly Expenses of the institute and manage the in a statistical form.And manage them in a printable form.

Degree Generation

The Degree is Generated by the system when all the student cleared all his dues and successfully passed the exam.